Unique facts about Issac Newton

Who does not know Sir Isaac Newton. A physicist, mathematician, and astronomerBritish inventor of the famous theory of gravity.
we do not discuss about Newton's theory or live here, which definitely already onfamiliar.

But do not know if it turns out that Sir Isaac Newton:

1. Born Premature
Isaac Newton was born prematurely aka premature.
When born, he even is not expected to survive because the body is very small.

2. Almost Become Farmers
Newton was born on the family farm. When the age of 17 years, Isaac Newton's mother insisted that he be a farmer.
If it were not for his uncle, he will never enrolled at the University of Cambridge.

3. Secret discovery
Isaac Newton did not immediately publish his findings.
Most theory is found when he was 20s and recently published a few years later.

4. Newton and Apples
Of course we frequently hear this famous story:
that Isaac Newton was walking in the park, under the apple tree and saw the fall of an apple that inspired his theory of gravity.
Yet Newton himself said that he was in the house when he saw an apple fall from a window from the tree.

5. An Alchemist.
Newton secretly studied how to change the gold and silver from base metals.
This secret he was hiding because of the time, learn something is forbidden.

6. Very religious.
While many uses Newton's theory to question the existence of God, and though he did not believe in the existence of spirits and ghosts, Newton himself was a deeply religious.
He once said, "Gravity is able to explain the movements of the planets, but gravity is not able to explain who is moving planet. God controls everything, and know what can or can not be done"

7. Desire of the Bible
Newton has a passion for the Bible.
He writes about religion more than math and science.
He even predicted the date of the crucifixion of Jesus and had predicted that the Jews will return to the land of Israel.
He is also very eager to discover the hidden meaning in the Bible.

8. One sentence as a politician.
Newton became a member of parliament for one year (1689-1690).
Only one sentence that he spoke as a politician: he asked someone to close the open windows!

source: http://dunia-aneh-lucu.blogspot.com/2010/09/fakta-unik-tentang-issac-newton.html