horrible prison in the world

1. Carandiru Prison: (Brazil)

The prison also had horrendous Brazil the world when peca big riot at the prison in 1992. The tragedy of genocide involving the local police. Hundreds fall victim, 103 (some sources mention 111 inmates) of them were killed. Caradiru tragedy began with the outbreak of war 'between the gang' in the prison, which widened to involve many inmates. The police then bring in reinforcements. Actually at that time many inmates have been surrendered by throwing their weapons. they asked for police protection. However, police answered by shooting at them.

Brutal treatment sparked protests from the police everywhere, not least Amnesty International who campaign for the prison was closed in 2002. Amnesty International reported there have been violations of human rights there is no ditelerir they can be longer. Not only that prison facilities are also so bad that spread the deadly disease.

At that time Chief of Police of the Metropolitan Sao Paulo is Ubiratan Guimaraes, he is considered the person most responsible for the outbreak of this tragedy. The case caused outrage this world brings Guimaraes prisoner to a chair. He was prosecuted on charges of murder of 102 people. But the court later freed because the horse's mouth Guimaraes said the police do it because of fire. The Brazilian government considers that the tragedy took place not the responsibility of the police.

2. Bang Kwang Prison (Thailand)

Known as the "Bangkok Hilton". The prison is arguably already no longer feasible, in addition to overcrowding, is also a shortage of guards. The napinya chained. Reportedly many inmates went crazy due to stress through the first month in detention. Khun prison director Nattee admit, if prison is the most hard throughout Thailand. Here the facilities are minimal, including health care for inmates who are very standard. Hy ill inmates who can curl up with her legs chained in his room, while waiting for the drug (if possible).

3. Prison Supermax ADX Florence (Colorado)

The prison was built in response to the attacks on the wardens and staff that occurred in other prisons in America. In applying the maximum security prison to prevent the attack by inmates against guards or prison staff. Because of the inmates were isolated from prison staff. The inmates suffered psychological torture for over 23 hours just spent diselnya. anywhere where they can not.

Being narapida in ADX is a nightmare for them was unforgettable. In sasna they accept the conditions of a distinguished ugliest ugliest. Therefore those who come in here are big fish including criminals who have repeatedly went to prison. This is where the 'hell' imprisonment which may lead to lifelong suffering.

During 13 years of operation, two people reportedly killed prisoners at ADX Florence. One was Lawrence Klaker. There is a distinguished name for him was shot, there is also a distinguished tp say suicide.

4. Alcatraz Island Prison: (San Francisco, CA)

The prison, known as "The Rock", or "Devil's Island". Built 1920's. Any inconvenience is here. Alcatraz is designed so that small amaty possible prisoner can escape from here. Alcatraz actually creates its own world. The inmates really lost contact with life out there.

Prison officials who arrogantly, warden rough, non-humane policies coloring the days of the inmates there. Do not be surprised if byk yg mental disorder due to psychological pressure rara avis. Just imagine, there are no restrictions for non-talk conversation with another prisoner, if naughty, awaiting punishment. Inmates are prohibited from release his emotions. They were forced to shut up! Rights as human rights, at Alcatraz, has been revoked. What a prison 'hell'. The prison was closed in 1963, but the dark legacy continues to 'live' and become a legend. (Want to know what, watching aja escape from Alcatraz)

5.San Quentin Prison (San Quentin, California)

1930'a Year's, the management of this prison is full of corruption, until finally emerged a new director who saw Clinton Truman Duffy inhuman conditions of prison, decided to do perbaian in the 1940's. But before the entry of a new director, the prison is known to be very inhumane to treat prisoners. Dibotaki their heads and forced to wear uniforms which are numbered, they eat with ember2 container. Inhabit cramped cell without any light.

Here life is worthless. Inter-racial riots often terjadi.Rasio between prison guards and inmates are not comparable, that is why many things happen out of control.

6. Diyarbakr Prison: (Turkey)

The prison is known as the harshest prison in Turkey where brutality and sadism all too common place. From 1981 to 1984, 34 people were killed due to torture prisoners excess of both life and physical. Not to mention the rampant cases of sexual deviation.

The inmates have actually protested terhadp prison management. They were on a hunger strike, even burning themselves in protest. Namunn unsuccessfully. This prison facility 'terrible' far from standard. Here menggerkan events have occurred where the kids thrown in here and get a life sentence. Crimes against humanity seems to be the normal course of events. No wonder the prisons are included in saslah sastu most horrific prisons in the world.

7. La Sabaneta Prison: (Venezuela)

Venezuela also has a prison no less brutal, namely La Sabanetaa, where violence becomes 'food' day-to-day. Facilities at a very minimal, making the outbreak of the disease is so easily spread. Understandably, physician services has been minimal, barely even there. Less food with a menu which is far from simple.

The condition of prisoners in La Sabaneta prison is bad from the worst. No wonder if the cholera epidemic was stopped here and claimed 700 prisoners. Here has ever happened mass massacres which took the 100 victims of an inmate in 1994. Death is rampant in La Sabaneta. One little, life could be floated. The staff take care of prison inmates who are lazy, so the inmates can freely do as they wish. they fight and even kill a fellow prisoner. The guards 'close eye' on this kejadian2.

8. La Sante Prison: (Paris, France)

Like the prison 'death' other, even here, human life worthless. rampant brutality. Abuses managers prison inmates make life really not worth it. Many prisoners eventually go mad. Jail cells are full of lice and rats who, more and make prisoners of stress.

It is ironic with the meaning of the word 'La Sante' which means health (health) in English. Because in fact there really life morbidly. Slavery among the guards to inmates, prisoner to a fellow prisoner, has become ordinary. Cases of rape among inmates is very high and occur every day. No wonder if many inmates can not bear eventually committed suicide, or become insane. Throughout 2002 there was reported 122 cases of suicide inmates. Followed by 73 inmates in mid-2003.

Suicidal tendency is probably due to the terrible living conditions there. Prisons who is too dense, minimal facilities, and the various violence that occurred there, allegedly as a trigger to suicide.

9. Rikers Island Prison: (Rikers Island, New York)

Brutal torture make this prison so well known in America. In 2007, the prisoner of Charles Afflic experiencing excessive torture of prison guards who had to undergo brain surgery. As many as six inmates committed suicide in his cell krn not stand with the atmosphere of the prison who suppress, in 2003.

10. Tadmor Prison: (Syria)

Death in prison is like countless. Violence in Tadmor was so horrible and totally unforgiving. A former prison inmates Tadmor describe this as the kingdom of death and the terrible madness

Tadmor has a blood thirsty guards, inmates butcher, and political prisoners. In 1980, after an assassination attempt on President (in Damascus), prisoners are forced to pay dearly. The soldier attackers jail, they use halicopter and landed in Tadmor. These soldiers membat ai 500 people prisoners in their cells. The inmates are dying horribly, unable to escape because the guards chained their feet in the cell.