6 God of War a World Famous

1. Ares

Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology he is known by the name of the god Mars. He has 2 bodyguards, namely Phobos and Deimos. The name became one of the planet Mars is near the earth and has 2 months, which is named after the name of the bodyguard: Phobos and Deimos. The name March is devoted to him.

2. Thor

God of war or any other name Thor. It is a picture of the god with a hammer weapon and wearing a bird's wing on the head.

3. Tyr
Norse god of war nation, the ruling Tuesday. (Tuesday is derived from Tyr's day)

4. Huitzilopochtli

Was the national god Huitzilopochtli Aztec and he is the God of War and God of the Sun. He demanded human blood. In the days of the celebration of worship, the victims were torn out his chest and ripped his heart to offer it to the sun (Huitzilopochtli), and then thrown into the fire. Last victim's body was thrown into the temple stairs and rolled down, then cut into pieces and eaten. Her skin is used as a religious celebration clothes.

5. Odin

In Norse mythology, Odin is the leader of the Gods. His name is supposedly derived from the word "óðr" (read: Odhr), which means "stimulant", "anger", and "poetry". As the leader of the Gods, he had many roles: the god of wisdom, the god of war, god of battle, and the god of death.

6. Guan Yu

Guan Yu is the god of war from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. valiant knight whose name is immortalized as a symbol of courage and victory. To the extent that his machete had become a legend and a symbol keperkasaaan. A famous general of the Three Kingdoms Period. Guan Yu is also known as Kwan Kong, Guan Gong, or Kwan Ie, was born in the district Jie, Hedong region. He's full name or Kwan Guan Yunchang Yintiang. Guan Yu is a major general of the State of Shu Han. Guan Yu is also often called the god of war, although it does in fact he was a General War.