Best 5 Christmas gifts for 2011.

Worried of finding a good gift for your loved ones for this christmas ? Then no need to worry because I am here to list out the best 5 christmas gifts for 2011.

Top 5 christmas gifts for 2011

1. MP3 players

MP3 players are cheap and valuable . If your loved ones like music a lot why not give them a brand new mp3 player some of the best songs for christmas ? That will be great . The price as mentioned above is low . The price of MP3 players range from 5$ to 200 $ . Check on ebay to get a detailed list about MP3 players .

2. Perfumes

This is kind of an old fashion gift , but it world for girls . Girls love beautiful smell , and you can actually make them happy by giving a perfume which smells like the extracted juice from the flowers of heaven . And one thing to remeber is that , don't go for cheap ones here as they may cause harm for the person using it . So please choose branded perfumes .

3. Gaming console

This is the best gift for boys . They love playing games . By getting a playstation 3 or something  they will be hell happy . Make sure that you give it as surprise for them and we can see what happens next .

4. Jewellery

This option is for women in general . Women of all ages love ornaments and if they receive it from their special ones they would be much more happy . And for this too , don't go for cheap ones as the person which you gave the gift might feel unhappy . Diamonds are always attractive but sadly it costs you a lot .

5. A mobile phone

This is something which you can give for all the ages . A mobile phone will be the best gift as far as I am cocerned . But you have to know the person wo which you are giving the gift as sometimes they might not be interested in technological stuffs . Be sure to pick up  abrand new one with all the specs !

Happy christmas 2011

10 Tips for girls to make a good impression with your future mother in-law

Mother in- laws hate to share the love of their son. This is usually due to jealousy or the feeling that their son is going to uphold another ''woman'' in their heart. And the sense of competition. DONT try to compete with her cooking or taste. Don’t forget they are human beings too, they are just trying to protect their son and like it or not, the sense of insecurity will prevail for sometimes. But it easy to win over them if you’re just being honest with yourselves and themselves.
To make a good impression:

1. First DON'T look at her directly in her eyes or try to intimidate her!
2. Pretend you're listening even if you feel like telling her to ''ZIP IT''!
3. Never speak too much about yourself. Be more selfless and less self-centered!
4. Try to see things from her point of view; she's the MOM of your man, so she's sort of also your MOM.
5. Don't flatter her too much; she'll know you're actually TRYING to impress her, Just be honest with her.
6. Smile without exaggerating, treat her as your own and everything's going to be fine, life is short, and so don’t waste your time finding flaws in people!!

GTA V Release Confirmed on March 2012

It's true guys . The much expected GTA V is coming for PC , XBOX 360 as well as for Playstation 3 on the coming march 2012 . The rockstar games haev officialy announced this .

GTA V will be a revolution in the GTA Series as it is the second part of GTA : San Andreas which is the best sold game in the GTA series . GTA V comprises an effective story with action packed missions . With most updated list of cars and place , GTA V is going to rule the gaming world after march 2012 .

Now let us see the expected system requirements for GTA V for PC

1. Processor :- Intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz

2. Graphics :- Nvidia 9800 gt or Ati radeon 4850 HD

3. RAM :- 3 GB

4. Hard disk :- 25 GB

5. Operating system :- Windows xp sp3 or better

According to google trends data , GTA V is the most searched game schedulded for release in 2012 . This shows that people are excited for GTA V release .

I think the lack of a good story in GTA IV was a problem and rockstar games might have solved that problem in GTA V by bringing a emotional as well as adventurous story in GTA V .

Thanks for reading !

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a common habit of some people especially those with stressful activities or schedule in the morning.  Some students and employees who rush going to school and office ignoring the need to take breakfast.

Research shows that one of the worst practice is skipping the breakfast meal.  It is indeed the most important meal of the day.  It  helps prevent strokes, heart attack, and sudden death.  The attacks occur between 6:00a.m and noon with the highest rates during 8:00 to 10:00a.m

Platelet are tiny elements in the blood that keep from bleeding but these platelets can clump together inside the arteries due to cholesterol or plaque in the lining of the artery lining.  The most activation hours of platelets takes place during the morning and tend to form internal  blood clots. The good news is taking atleast  a light meal or very-low fat breakfast can reduce activation of the platelets.    

Eating cereal such as oatmeal, fat-free yogurt  with six ounces of grape juice or orange juice and a piece of fruit like banana is a light breakfast one can take.  A simple breakfast will keep the platelets sticking together, keeping the blood clots from forming, and prevent heart attack or stroke.  Having a good meal at breaks will also sustain the energy during the day.


The Real Facts of the Killing of 24 Pakistan Soldiers

The Incident

Two days back at 2 am  Nato gunships opened fire on a remote outpost of the Pakistan army on the Pakistan Afghanistan border in Waziristan. The attacke which involved use of high intensity rockets led to the deaths of 24 Pakistan troops and injured a large number of them. This is the Pakistan version and has infuriated  the Pakistan leadership, in particular the military  top brass.

The incident has brought to light the utter incompetence of the Pakistan army  as was evident earlier when they failed to detect  the entry of US helicopters in the operation to kill Osama bin Laden. Hence these 24 deaths have infuriated the Pakistan military leadership and left them rubbing their hands

Possible Scenario

However independent observers are not buying the Pakistan version. As the situation is volatile and a humiliated Pakistan army has choked NATO supply lines as well asked the US to vacate the remote air base used for drone attacks, these observers are not coming out openly.

The facts are that the NATO helicopters were chasing insurgents who took refuge on the Pakistan side of the border. From there they opened fire on the NATO helicopters.. The leader of the NATO team asked permission from the NATO command to retialiate and this was duly given.

NATO helicopter gunships then opened fire. Hence as per reliable sources who do not wish to be quoted there is every possibility that the 24 Pakistan soldiers were killed in a cross fire.  The fact is that the Pakistan army is supporting the Taliban faction led by Haqqani and d\in all probability had given refuge to these elements in Pakistan territory. NATO retialiated, and 24 Pak soldiers died in the cross fire.


Vitamin D is necessary for everyone

As we know sunlight is an important source of vitamin D for our body. It is sufficient 15 to 25 minutes a day . We have to meet direct exposure only face ,hands and lower arms which is sufficient and complete deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency may be decalcification of the bones , growth defects, muscular problems, heart and circulation issues and weaknesses in the body’s immune system . Our body is required around 80 percent of vitamin D for producing through the skin after exposure to ultraviolet B Light from the sun or artificial sources, although it also occurs naturally in a small range of food stuffs.

An appropriate diet as well as exposure to daylight Is important. Milk, mushrooms and avocados as well as fish such as salmon and mackerel which contain a lot of vitamin D. Children over one year above is five micrograms of vitamin D. This amount can be achieved through eating a 150 gram portion of fish per week, 250gram of mushrooms per day or 30gram of salmon and two glasses of milk.

Every one also may not get enough vitamin D through their diet. Milk is excellent source of vitamin D. But it is important to take direct exposure of sunlight during morning hours, so as to have appropriate absorption of vitamin D and Calcium. So we should take direct sunlight in morning hours or evening hours for absorption of Vitamin D.


10 Health Benefits of Lemon Grass

Lemon grass, or tanglad, as it is called in the Philippines, is a tall perennial grass that is widely used in Asian cuisine. Its subtle citrus flavor makes it a favorite ingredient in a wide variety of food preparations like soups and curries. It goes well with poultry, fish, beef and seafood. Some countries also use it as tea.

In addition to its flavor- and aroma-enhancing properties, lemon grass also promotes good health.

Manganese – 175%
1. Helps prevent osteoporosis

Did you know that the trace mineral manganese is necessary for bone health? Study participants among postmenopausal women have shown that those who take a combination of calcium, zinc, copper and manganese have lesser spinal bone loss compared to those who didn’t.

2. Prevents PMS

Clinical studies among women suggest that an increased supply of manganese in their diets have resulted in fewer mood swings and cramps. Just one half cup of lemon grass can already supply almost 100% of the daily value (DV) of manganese.

3. Helps fight arthritis

Manganese may also be beneficial in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. If taken along with glucosamine and chondroitin, some people have noticed lowered pain, although some find it to be ineffective.

4. Prevents anemia

Lemon grass is a very good source of iron, a mineral which helps prevent iron-deficiency anemia. If you notice frequent fatigue, weakness, and decreased ability to concentrate, add more lemon grass in your daily diet or increase your natural iron intake by eating more leafy greens and other iron-rich vegetables.

5. Helps prevent cough and colds

Another sign that you may need to up your iron supply is when you easily catch coughs and colds. Iron helps strengthen the immune system.

Potassium – 14%
6. Helps regulate blood pressure levels

Add your natural daily dose of potassium by making sure you have lemon grass readily available when cooking. Potassium has long been proven for its blood pressure-lowering-effects. Avocados, guavas, bananas and kiwifruits are some of the richest sources among fruits.

7. Prevents leg cramps

One cup of lemon grass is packed with half of the potassium in bananas. Potassium is also an electrolyte which relaxes muscles to prevent leg cramps.

Folate – 13%
8. Supports fertility

Lemon grass is beneficial for both men and women in their childbearing years though its supply of folate. This B vitamin (Vitamin B9) aids in spermatogenesis in men and implantation and placentation in women.

9. Prevents birth problems of the brain and spine

Folate also helps protect against serious congenital problems for the developing baby especially neural tube defects and spina bifida.

10. Lowers risk of cardiovascular diease

What makes lemon grass heart-friendly? Increased folate supply in the body has continually been suggested to lower risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing homocysteine build-up in the blood.

Lemon grass is also used extensively in herbal medicine.

Nutrient data source: USDA


Believe it not with the title above?
Do not believe it?
I also do not believe it at first. But after experiencing the real learning, success or failure, it can also we believe in the words on the "I Can Change the World". how?? Yes to LEARN! Because the learning you can change the world, a world that is closest to you, the world views, thoughts, and your heart.
Try, now you think there are 3 teenagers who again sat on the edge of the lake, they wore glasses with different colors, namely green, blue, and black. The green glasses say "well this beautiful green lake ...”. "Blind you, why you say the blue lake green!" said the blue glasses. The last one, the sunglasses, with a puzzled face said, "You are how, exactly like this cloudy weather beautiful, you guys suck ...!".
Okay, why do they differ? Why some say the lake blue, green, even black? Yaps! Because they were wearing different glasses. They can be noisy to defend his opinion, and nothing is right. All because they see from a different lens (look at different ways).
So it is with learning. If we view learning with the wrong glasses, whether it be black, blue, red, or opaque, then we will have to learn a limited sense, for example, "learning is boring". "Learned a long time can damage the eye?".
And you can see from a different perspective, "physics is fun" said Mr. Yohannes Surya, "the math to make your life brighter," said Rino Christianto. If it means engrossed in mathematicsand physics to learn cool it.
Therefore, if you really want to learn intentions, start just by being aware of whether we look to learn already from many sides? Do we have the right to wear glasses to see the study?.
Not agree? If I say it seems you need to use the new glasses to see more sides of learning, so I can see to learn their true colors.
Hopefully with this article we can learn how much fun learning if we have a nice view of learning it.
Wait for my next article. :)
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Master Windows XP Fire 2011

Fire 2011 with Windows XP Service Pack 3 is the latest OS from artificial Bassem Galal, Windows XP modifications which blend with the Widows 7 with bandaged several additional applications such as AIMP3, BM Radio 4, Firefox 5, Foxit Reader 5, Flash Player 9, Internet Download Manager 6.06, IrfanView 4:30, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack6.1.0, kmplayer 3.0, Revo Uninstaller 1.92, 9.36 UltraISO, Windows Live Messenger 2009,Yahoo Messenger 11 and is now integrated with Windows Media Player 11, InternetExplorer 8, Winrar 4.1, Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.60531.0, AiO Flash Player, Last DirectX9Version and Rocket Dock.

 Windows XP 32bit versions of Fire in 2011 have also been integrated with all definitions of network (LAN) and all definitions of SATA with the last update in June 2011. This version has added some new themes and backgrounds and also MINI XP for emergencies as well as several other treatment programs.

Via MediaFire 

Tribute to a Great: 10 Cusiosities You Should Know About Freddie Mercury

Learn or remember some of the most striking data in the life of Queen leader.
Freddie Mercury, a large, titan of musical innovation, the leader of one of the greatest bands of all time, “Queen”. A champion, the creator of that mythical Bohemian Rhapsody, the one whom no one seemed able to stop until the November 24, 1991 from pneumonia caused by AIDS to prevent further suffering by creating, 65th birthday today.
However, there is something that only happens with the true glory: his legacy persists despite already gone. That’s why we invite you to know more about it.

Farrokh Bulsara, who later changed his name to Freddie Mercury, born in the town of Zanzibar in Tanzania, but was raised in India.
Proud of his Persian descent, Queen leader practiced Zoroastrian religion, which is based on the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster and recognizes Iran as a deity Ahura Mazda, regarded by believers as the sole creator.

When I was 8, Farrokh was sent to study at a boarding school located near Mumbai, India. That’s when he began to be known as Freddie.
When I was 17 years, called Zanzibar Revolution Bulsara forced to flee their homeland due to the far-off England. There the singer studied design at West Thames College, a skill that would serve to create the iconic years after Queen logo.
He worked at an airport, sold clothes, participated in two groups. When the last of them was dissolved, the queen decided to create music, Queen, after meeting guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. At that time the Great decided to leave Farrokh Bulsara in the past. The name that would change the world Freddie Mercury, because as he himself said he had “power.”
The name had been chosen for the song “My Fairy King” (”Mother Mercury, look what They’ve done to me,” read one verse of it). He was born a star.

His voice was that of a snake charmer, different, unique, powerful. However, the lead singer of Queen have suffered from vocal nodules and claimed never to have taken singing lessons. Despite that, his voice, according to experts, lay in the range of baritone, though usually sang tenor under.

Freddie almost never gives interviews. Its secrecy was amazed at a time when the media wanted to portray this crazy life where living music imbued gods. “I am famous for not talking to the press,” he said proudly. It was a fact, he loved to be different.

True, Freddie Mercury had multiple homosexual relationships, however, had a long history with Mary Austin, to whom he dedicated songs like “Love of my life” in his will he bequeathed (Mary and her sister Kashmira) most their property, in addition to copyright their songs.

Mercury fans say that this story is real and the experts confirm it. According to this, Mercury would go to the port of Italy, gave them a tempting wad of cash to the dock and proceeded to claim their sexual services. However, this is nothing but a rumor, whether true or not, we probably never safe.

Freddie Mercury had AIDS, but refused to speak publicly. According to his last partner, Jim Hutton (who was from 1985, approximately), the singer had entered bad in 1987. He denied in an interview.
The press speculated, every time he looked sicker. Finally, he decided to tell their truth. On November 22, 1991, Freddie called Queen’s manager Jim Beach, and asked him to draft a public statement:

“Following the enormous conjecture in the press of the last two weeks, I wish to confirm that I have AIDS. I felt it was right to keep this information private to date date to protect the privacy of those around me. However, it is time that my friends and fans know the truth and I hope everyone will join me and my doctors to combat this terrible disease. My privacy has always been very important to me and I am famous for almost no interviews. This policy will continue, “read the ad. Freddie died on November 24, from pneumonia caused by this evil.

Final mate, who was with him until he left, Jim Hutton, the man ran out and ended up sharing his fate. In 2010, also died of AIDS.

Freddie Mercury, the reserved, the kamikaze on stage then preferred to be silent, decided that the public does not know where his grave. It is rumored that when he died, Mary Austin, the wife of his life, his ashes scattered at Lake Geneva in Switzerland. That would be the last big scene.

Perhaps some of this information surprise you. But either way, the most important and what we all know (or should know) about him is his musical legacy. The songs that marked decades: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Do not Stop Me Now”, “Killer Queen”, among many, so many others. Queen changed the world of music. Mercury changed our tastes and taught us that there were limits. So today we celebrate his birthday, because good Freddie is, without doubt, a legend in the flesh.

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