Vitamin D is necessary for everyone

As we know sunlight is an important source of vitamin D for our body. It is sufficient 15 to 25 minutes a day . We have to meet direct exposure only face ,hands and lower arms which is sufficient and complete deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency may be decalcification of the bones , growth defects, muscular problems, heart and circulation issues and weaknesses in the body’s immune system . Our body is required around 80 percent of vitamin D for producing through the skin after exposure to ultraviolet B Light from the sun or artificial sources, although it also occurs naturally in a small range of food stuffs.

An appropriate diet as well as exposure to daylight Is important. Milk, mushrooms and avocados as well as fish such as salmon and mackerel which contain a lot of vitamin D. Children over one year above is five micrograms of vitamin D. This amount can be achieved through eating a 150 gram portion of fish per week, 250gram of mushrooms per day or 30gram of salmon and two glasses of milk.

Every one also may not get enough vitamin D through their diet. Milk is excellent source of vitamin D. But it is important to take direct exposure of sunlight during morning hours, so as to have appropriate absorption of vitamin D and Calcium. So we should take direct sunlight in morning hours or evening hours for absorption of Vitamin D.