7 Island In reply Extraordinary World, Beautiful and Terrible

1. Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands is a collection of five islands, in which only Pitcairn Island is inhabited, located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the only British colony in the Pacific. The islands are famous mainly because the original occupant was the pirate ship HMAV Bounty, Tahiti and the citizens who helped bring the hijackers, as told in the novel Mutiny on the Bounty, which became the theme of several films. History is seen clearly through most of the clan name. The islands are also a country (although not free) with the least amount of population in the world with about 47 residents (9 families).

2. Palmyra Islands

Palmyra is an atoll located in the northern Pacific Ocean at coordinates 5 ° 52 'N 162 • from 6' BB. An area of ​​12 km ² atoll has no indigenous population. Atoll is located in the north of Kiribati, southeast of Kingman Reef and south of the Hawaiian Islands.
Included in Minor Remote Islands, Palmyra Atoll is an incorporated territory of the United States of America (incorporated territory) but not organized (unorganized territory). Ownership of this atoll is held by The Nature Conservancy organization that manages the nature reserve, but was ruled by the Office of Insular Affairs, U.S. State Department. While the area of ​​waters up to 22.2 km of coastline designated as a National Wildlife Shelter and managed by the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. The nuances of this haunted island also has many casualties. Especially hungry sharks are always chasing anyone who came to the coastal beaches. According to reports, the sharks in the vicinity of Palmyra takes his victim as much as 2-5 people every month

3. Bouvet Island

Bouvet is uninhabited desert island in the world. What is approximately 75 square miles surface mostly covered by glaciers and very little and survive on the island other than moss, seals, sea birds and penguins. However, this island has become the center of some strange mystery. An initial inventor documented both islands nearby that was never seen again. In 1960 a boat was found abandoned on the island, though no one ever saw of the passengers. In the satellite image above, can only choose to find disturbances in weather patterns.

4. Tristan da Cunha

This island is the furthest island in the world, thousands of miles from South America and South Africa far in the Atlantic Ocean. Among other native species that strange, accessible island is home to the smallest of living birds to fly. Only 272 people live in the islands. The islands have seen no issues of shares, which have been blamed for dozens of shipwrecks over the centuries. Recently, people have been evacuated while in 1960 during the volcanic eruption that destroyed several buildings on the island.]

5. Bishop Rock

This island holds the title of the Guinness Book of World Records world's smallest island. A stunning lighthouse, built in 1858, is the only one who stood on a small island off the coast of Britain. The first lighthouse was established on the island was cleared before it can be resolved. The lighthouse now has managed to survive the current and wind for more than a century. At the time of history, be punished with a sadistic villain, then dumped her body at sea

6. Nauru

Nauru is an island in the world's smallest independent state. Island Pacific is only 8 square miles, and is the third smallest country in the world next to Monaco and the Vatican. After the natural reserves of phosphate was exhausted, this island nation, once-rich first became a haven for money laundering and then must seek assistance from Australia.

7. Dubai

Dubai is home to a series of manmade creativity to the islands, by far the largest in the world. One almost had to live on an island ourselves to not see or hear about this project. The islands, in forms ranging from oil to the world itself, is a ground operation that moves the greatest of all time. Dubai has admitted that oil, the original source of wealth, will only last for so long. With islands like this and a growing tourist industry around them there is no doubt that Dubai will outlast oil supplies. but some say that this island has a land / surface distinguished labile, thus prone to collapse

source : kaskus.us