Facts between men and women

1. On average, women sleep more than 1 hour during the night than in males.

2. Infants of women tend to walk faster and talk, baby boy 2 months later.

3. More pregnancy and birth complications (disorder) during pregnancy baby boys than baby girls.

4. Average weight of male brain weight of 1.4 kg more weight than the female brain.

5. Gender reassignment is mostly done by men.

6. Women are less able to withstand the cold caused a larger skin surface, making it more like in a warmer room temperature.

7. Men prefer to talk directly relevant to its purpose, while the woman talks falter with doubts and feelings. Fibers caused a liaison between the right brain hemisphere (intuition) and left (logic) is less in women. So the expression of feelings is more apt to occur in women.

8. Women are better sense of smell due to the high estrogen hormone that is known as the olfactory receptor activators.

9. 75% of women have more sweat glands / sweat (which produces body odor) than men.

10. Sensory abilities of men to taste sour, sweet and salty is lower in women.

11. More than two times the women tend to homosexuals (like same-sex) at age 45 than men.

12. At the time of old age women experience hair loss, at the same age most men go bald. Baldness caused by excessive production of androgens (male hormones).

13. Passed a woman on the crowded street, a man confronts his body facing women in its path. Women tend to turn around, often unconsciously put his hand in front of his body to protect the chest.

14. Approximately 48% of men snore when sleeping, only 22% in women.

15. More men to choose red, and women in blue.

16. Women's average of 153 seconds was in the toilet, men's 113 seconds.

17. One versus four, women compared to men who stutter speak.

18. Research in the U.S., women use the time almost 2 times more for shopping than men.

19. Women in general are more determine the pattern and style of clothing worn.

20. Research in England, boys more easily deceived / tricked than girls.

source : http://strano66.blogspot.com/2011/02/fakta-antara-laki-laki-dan-perempuan.html