Amazing Life of The Cuckoo Bird

Cuckoo birds are found in most parts of the world.
Often the facts of bird are most interesting and if you are fond of birds you will want to know more.

Cuckoo Bird Appearance
A British Cuckoo bird is thirty eight centimetres like the size of a dove. Has a colour grey on the upper part of the body.

Various sounds of a Cuckoo Bird Cry
A male cry, like a chuckle sound, and like flutes, this is a signal for marking down their territory, and for attracting a mate.
Several species of the cuckoo is known to humans, and each one has their own characteristics that differs from the other.

Food of a Cuckoo Bird
They are insectivorous, and feed on hairy caterpillars, before eating the caterpillars they rub them on the branches or the bark of the tree.

Cuckoo Bird Habitat
Mostly found all over the world, but in the cold season they migrate to warmer places. They live in forests, with thorny bushes. With evergreen tropical rain forests, though you would find them in desert areas.

Behavior Exhibited by Cuckoo Bird
A solitary bird, and is diurnal by nature. The Cuckoo is a social parasite, it engages in brood parasitism.
They don’t Build Nests and Use Other Birds Nest

Cuckoos don’t build their own nests, but will use nests of others, the female usually finds a nest of another bird after the female has laid its eggs, are of the same species, like Robbins or dunnocks.
The foster parents have no choice but to feed all the chicks in the nest and the cuckoo birds grow rapidly.