Houses in the middle of the sea 103 years old

This house is truly amazing. Not only because of his age who has been 103 years but also because it was founded in the middle of the sea. It is said that this house has stood since 1905,precisely in on the rocks of Rhode Island in the middle of the sea . The house was often called Clingstone.

The house is quite large and quite comfortable. The house was built by JS Lovering Wharton, at a cost of 36,000 dollars, a distant cousin Henry Wood (79), which is now the owner.

Henry Wood with his ex-wife bought it in 1961 for $ 3600 U.S. dollars. Later he became Manson renovation and is now an attractive and comfortable and has been inhabited for two decades more.

This is indeed remarkable penemun Wood.

Imagine the house has 23 rooms, and Wood still maintaining room architecture and settingannya like 100 years ago. Every year, on certain holidays, Wood and his family invite dozens of friends to holiday in their place.

The house is indeed very large, therefore requiring a lot of people to be able to clean it. Understand it, Wood and his family did not live there every day. They only use it for vacation Manson. So when they come, the first thing to do is, work hard to make it shiny again.

But the volunteers, friends Wood, of course volunteered to help clean it up. They mengaggap it interesting activity holidays filler. Wood and family and friends only came there when the summer. Usually they spend their week-long holiday period. While in winter, large Manson was silent and deserted. Boat them stay safe in the store on a floating dock near James Town Boatyard.