10 most beautiful fish in the world

1. Mandarin Fish

There are 2 varieties of this species, namely Mandarinfish standards and Psychedelic Mandarin. The standard usually have a pattern and color better than the Psychedelic. It costs no more than $ 20 per head, but the problem was the food that is difficult to find.

2. Discus

This fish is a freshwater fish species which may be a freshwater fish of the most beautiful. The price is very expensive, puppies sekitar3 inches in length only between $ 50 - $ 80.

3. Lion Fish

This fish is also called zebrafish. Spine has a venom that is very painful and quite effective.

4. Moorish Idol

This fish is very difficult to be maintained with a standard aquarium, and also the exorbitant price tag that soared.

5. Koi

There are many color variations of koi fish (about 100an). Koi can have orange, red, white, golden, or black. Some koi enthusiasts willing to pay thousands of dollars for a koi only to find that rare koi color pattern.

6. Flame Angel

This fish memikiki close relationship with the Coral Beauty. Its just like the Coral Beauty, but nature does not 'seteguh' Coral Beauty.

7. Coral Beauty

This fish is relatively easy to maintain fish in the aquarium and can survive in both habitats.

8. Regal Tang

These fish belong to the surgeonfish family, which has a small blade of calcium that can be hidden in front of its tail fin. This small knife is used primarily for defense systems in the face of predators.

9. Parrot Fish

So named because the shape of bird beak-like mouth. This fish uses its mouth like a beak is to break down and eat the small invertebrates that live in the coral. Usually they will eat the whole-whole rock coral or sea sand and then chewing invertebrates that are in it, then discard the rest.

10. African Cichlids

Fish is pronounced as "Sick-Lids". This fish is found in three lakes in Africa: Malawi, Tanganyika, and Victoria. Species in Lake Victoria the number is less diverse and less colorful than others. They usually grow to 6-7 inches, with the exception of Frontosoa species, which can grow until 12-14 inches. These fish are freshwater fish that can be easily maintained in the home aquarium. In addition to Africa, there are also species of fish that live in the waters of the Amazon, but it was bigger and more aggressive than that in Africa.