11 Mistakes Guys in Dress

1. Clothing oversized / baggy and not fitted in the body

Clothes are loose / oversized fit only in use at home to relax. Do you use when traveling to an official place, hangout, cafes etc.. Except if you wanted to look like a scarecrow.

2. Wearing a tie with short sleeves

It would be better if you wear a tie with long sleeves. Ties with short-sleeved shirt looks like a lower class, or the rocker who wants a concert

3. Dirty shoes

Did you know that women are very sensitive to the cleanliness and tidiness? They'll know you're clean or not to fast just by looking at your shoes. Make sure you clean shiny shoes before leaving home.

4. Creased Shoes

Try to have several pairs of shoes to run your activities. Shoes wrinkled due to your shoes is often used without a break. At least if you have a few pair of shoes, the shoes will be durable and long lasting

5. Pants too long

Pants who stands up to touch the ground and dragging, it's good to be cut. Or if not had time to fold the part that stands in, not out.

6. Selection of the wrong color socks

Equalized color socks you wear with your pants color, instead of shoes. It will look better and harmonious.

7. Selection of color belt / belt / belts

Equalized color belt you wear with shoe color. If you are a shiny belt, make sure your shoes too shiny.

8. Buttoned shirt, with all the buttons closed

Obviously if you do this, you will see a closed psychological terms. Make sure there is at least one of the buttons open all the existing buttons. Unless you wear a tie.

9. Socks are not long enough

You do not want all the hair your legs look right? Especially when you sit with legs crossed. Make sure the length of your calf-high socks. Do not be less than that.

10. Rumpled clothes

That does not mean you have to bring the iron wherever you go. Try when you buy clothes, these clothes do not wrinkle.

11. Wearing too many colors

limit each of your clothing with a maximum of three colors or shades are coordinated to maintain the view.