install skype online status widget in blog

Now have a lot of chat software like Skype and YM were scattered. I believe among all the readers also have one of the above account of the chat software. For owners of Skype, you can add me as your friend. The trick, just click the Skype button located in the "CONTACT ME" on the left side of this blog. you want to know how to install the Skype online status widget?

Very easy to install widget. Just like installing any other blogger widgets. First visit this link. Well, after that, enter your Skype username, and select the type of button that is displayed on the blog, as seen in the figure below.

If you have, at the bottom of the page there are fields to copy the code then paste it in your blog. Copy the HTML code, then log in to your blog. Entrance Layout or Layout menu, then choose Add Element, HTML / JavaScript, then paste the code, and save.