Top 10 Smallest Birds in The World

Do you know there are birds that are just eight cm in length? One of the smallest birds in the world was once the national bird of Philippines; do you know what is this world’s smallest bird? Know them here…
Majority of us knew bee humming birds to be the smallest birds in the world with a length of just 5 cm; however, are there any other smallest birds in the world? Yes…here is a list of top 10 smallest birds in the world.

1. Asian Brown Flycatcher

Asian brown flycatcher with grey-brown upperparts
Asian brown flycatcher is one of the smallest birds in the world with a length of 14 cm, which includes its cocked tail. These smallest birds are found in Japan, eastern Siberia, and the Himalayas. Adult Asian Brown Flycatchers have grey-brown upperparts while the younger ones have scaly brown upperparts. These birds make their nests in the holes of the trees.

2. Blyth’s Reed Warbler

The length of Blyth’s reed warbler is the same as that of Asian brown flycatcher, 14 cm. These birds are found abundant in Asia and easternmost Europe. They migrate to India and Sri Lanka during winter season. Blyth’s reed warbler has a grey back, less flattened forehead, and less strong and pointed bill. These birds are insectivorous, but like to feed on small berries as well.

3. Ashy Prinia

Ashy Prinia, insectivorous
Ashy prinia, also called as ashy wren-warbler is 13 cm long. These birds are found in Indian subcontinent, western Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Ashy Prinia has short rounded wings, short black bill, grey crown and longish graduated cream tail tip; the tail tips have black subterminal spots. These birds are insectivorous, which means they eat small insects for their food.

4. Great Tit

Great tits, colorful birds
Great tit is 13 cm long and is found in abundance in Europe, Middle East, parts of North Africa and Central and Northern Asia. These birds in general do not migrate, but if the winter is too harsh, they would migrate. This is a colorful bird with black head and neck, white cheeks, olive upperparts, and yellow under parts. Great tits are in general insectivorous like many birds, but tend to eat a variety of food during winter.

5. Pied Bushchat

Pied Bushchat eats pyralid moths and whitefly
Pied bushchat is 13 cm long and is predominantly found in West, Central, South and Southeast Asia. There are nearly 16 subspecies of pied bushchats. Male pied bushchat are in general black except for their white rump while females are drab brown in color. These birds feed on Pyralid moths and whitefly predominantly and are insectivorous.

6. Black-headed Munia

Former Philippines National Bird, Black-headed Munia
Black-headed munia is the next in line of smallest birds in the world with a length of 11 cm. These are also called as chestnut munia. Black-headed munia are very common in countries like Bangladesh, Brunei, India, China, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. These were once the national bird of Philippines. Adult black-headed munias have stubby pale grey bill, black head, and brown body.

7. Indian Silverbill

Indian silverbill are found in the dry regions of Middle East and South Asia and is of 11 cm in length. They have conical silver-grey bill, buffy flanks, buff-brown upperparts, white under parts, black tail and dark wings.
8. Scaly-breasted Munia

Image via Wikipedia
Scaly-breasted munia is 12 cm long and are one of the smallest birds in the world. These are also called as spotted munia. Scaly-breasted munia are native to tropical Asia, Indonesia and Philippines. Both the sexes almost look similar except that males have slightly darker markings on underside and throat. These birds have stubby dark bill, dark brown head, brown upperparts, and white under parts with black scale markings.

9. Purple-rumped Sunbird

Image via wikimedia
Purple-rumped sunbirds are 10 cm long and are native to the Indian Subcontinent. These birds have thin down-curved bills, brush-tipped tubular tongues, dark maroon upper parts for males, blue-green crown, and violet patches on the throat. They mainly feed on the nectar from plants. In this species, males are in general more colorful than their female counterparts.

10. Tickell’s Flowerpecker

Pale-billed flowerpecker or tickell’s flowerpercker, smallest next to bee hummingbird
Tickell’s flowerpecker is also called as pale-billed flowerpecker is the smallest bird next to bee hummingbird that is just 5 cm in length; these pale-billed flowerpeckers are 8 cm in length. These are found mainly in Southern India and Sri Lanka. These birds are either pale brownish or olive green in color. Tickell’s flowerpecker feed on nectar and berries.