10 Health Benefits of Lemon Grass

Lemon grass, or tanglad, as it is called in the Philippines, is a tall perennial grass that is widely used in Asian cuisine. Its subtle citrus flavor makes it a favorite ingredient in a wide variety of food preparations like soups and curries. It goes well with poultry, fish, beef and seafood. Some countries also use it as tea.

In addition to its flavor- and aroma-enhancing properties, lemon grass also promotes good health.

Manganese – 175%
1. Helps prevent osteoporosis

Did you know that the trace mineral manganese is necessary for bone health? Study participants among postmenopausal women have shown that those who take a combination of calcium, zinc, copper and manganese have lesser spinal bone loss compared to those who didn’t.

2. Prevents PMS

Clinical studies among women suggest that an increased supply of manganese in their diets have resulted in fewer mood swings and cramps. Just one half cup of lemon grass can already supply almost 100% of the daily value (DV) of manganese.

3. Helps fight arthritis

Manganese may also be beneficial in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. If taken along with glucosamine and chondroitin, some people have noticed lowered pain, although some find it to be ineffective.

4. Prevents anemia

Lemon grass is a very good source of iron, a mineral which helps prevent iron-deficiency anemia. If you notice frequent fatigue, weakness, and decreased ability to concentrate, add more lemon grass in your daily diet or increase your natural iron intake by eating more leafy greens and other iron-rich vegetables.

5. Helps prevent cough and colds

Another sign that you may need to up your iron supply is when you easily catch coughs and colds. Iron helps strengthen the immune system.

Potassium – 14%
6. Helps regulate blood pressure levels

Add your natural daily dose of potassium by making sure you have lemon grass readily available when cooking. Potassium has long been proven for its blood pressure-lowering-effects. Avocados, guavas, bananas and kiwifruits are some of the richest sources among fruits.

7. Prevents leg cramps

One cup of lemon grass is packed with half of the potassium in bananas. Potassium is also an electrolyte which relaxes muscles to prevent leg cramps.

Folate – 13%
8. Supports fertility

Lemon grass is beneficial for both men and women in their childbearing years though its supply of folate. This B vitamin (Vitamin B9) aids in spermatogenesis in men and implantation and placentation in women.

9. Prevents birth problems of the brain and spine

Folate also helps protect against serious congenital problems for the developing baby especially neural tube defects and spina bifida.

10. Lowers risk of cardiovascular diease

What makes lemon grass heart-friendly? Increased folate supply in the body has continually been suggested to lower risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing homocysteine build-up in the blood.

Lemon grass is also used extensively in herbal medicine.

Nutrient data source: USDA