The Real Facts of the Killing of 24 Pakistan Soldiers

The Incident

Two days back at 2 am  Nato gunships opened fire on a remote outpost of the Pakistan army on the Pakistan Afghanistan border in Waziristan. The attacke which involved use of high intensity rockets led to the deaths of 24 Pakistan troops and injured a large number of them. This is the Pakistan version and has infuriated  the Pakistan leadership, in particular the military  top brass.

The incident has brought to light the utter incompetence of the Pakistan army  as was evident earlier when they failed to detect  the entry of US helicopters in the operation to kill Osama bin Laden. Hence these 24 deaths have infuriated the Pakistan military leadership and left them rubbing their hands

Possible Scenario

However independent observers are not buying the Pakistan version. As the situation is volatile and a humiliated Pakistan army has choked NATO supply lines as well asked the US to vacate the remote air base used for drone attacks, these observers are not coming out openly.

The facts are that the NATO helicopters were chasing insurgents who took refuge on the Pakistan side of the border. From there they opened fire on the NATO helicopters.. The leader of the NATO team asked permission from the NATO command to retialiate and this was duly given.

NATO helicopter gunships then opened fire. Hence as per reliable sources who do not wish to be quoted there is every possibility that the 24 Pakistan soldiers were killed in a cross fire.  The fact is that the Pakistan army is supporting the Taliban faction led by Haqqani and d\in all probability had given refuge to these elements in Pakistan territory. NATO retialiated, and 24 Pak soldiers died in the cross fire.