Best 5 Christmas gifts for 2011.

Worried of finding a good gift for your loved ones for this christmas ? Then no need to worry because I am here to list out the best 5 christmas gifts for 2011.

Top 5 christmas gifts for 2011

1. MP3 players

MP3 players are cheap and valuable . If your loved ones like music a lot why not give them a brand new mp3 player some of the best songs for christmas ? That will be great . The price as mentioned above is low . The price of MP3 players range from 5$ to 200 $ . Check on ebay to get a detailed list about MP3 players .

2. Perfumes

This is kind of an old fashion gift , but it world for girls . Girls love beautiful smell , and you can actually make them happy by giving a perfume which smells like the extracted juice from the flowers of heaven . And one thing to remeber is that , don't go for cheap ones here as they may cause harm for the person using it . So please choose branded perfumes .

3. Gaming console

This is the best gift for boys . They love playing games . By getting a playstation 3 or something  they will be hell happy . Make sure that you give it as surprise for them and we can see what happens next .

4. Jewellery

This option is for women in general . Women of all ages love ornaments and if they receive it from their special ones they would be much more happy . And for this too , don't go for cheap ones as the person which you gave the gift might feel unhappy . Diamonds are always attractive but sadly it costs you a lot .

5. A mobile phone

This is something which you can give for all the ages . A mobile phone will be the best gift as far as I am cocerned . But you have to know the person wo which you are giving the gift as sometimes they might not be interested in technological stuffs . Be sure to pick up  abrand new one with all the specs !

Happy christmas 2011