10 Tips for girls to make a good impression with your future mother in-law

Mother in- laws hate to share the love of their son. This is usually due to jealousy or the feeling that their son is going to uphold another ''woman'' in their heart. And the sense of competition. DONT try to compete with her cooking or taste. Don’t forget they are human beings too, they are just trying to protect their son and like it or not, the sense of insecurity will prevail for sometimes. But it easy to win over them if you’re just being honest with yourselves and themselves.
To make a good impression:

1. First DON'T look at her directly in her eyes or try to intimidate her!
2. Pretend you're listening even if you feel like telling her to ''ZIP IT''!
3. Never speak too much about yourself. Be more selfless and less self-centered!
4. Try to see things from her point of view; she's the MOM of your man, so she's sort of also your MOM.
5. Don't flatter her too much; she'll know you're actually TRYING to impress her, Just be honest with her.
6. Smile without exaggerating, treat her as your own and everything's going to be fine, life is short, and so don’t waste your time finding flaws in people!!