Signs of Ruination Yahoo!

In early 2011 Yahoo recorded profits despite fourth-quarter profit fell 4% of their sales compared to same period the previous year.
This reflects the cost of control because of the Internet giant is also increasingly heated competition online advertising market.
The results of this revenue come shortly after Yahoo revealed earlier in the day it cut about 1% of its workforce.
Yahoo's fourth-quarter net income states rose to $ 312 million or 24 cents perstock, from $ 153 million, or 11 cents perstock in the same period a year earlier.

Profit figures include restructuring costs 2 cents perstock.
net revenues for the month of December fell 4% to $ 1.21 billion.
Analysis of the survey FactSet Research expect Yahoo to report fourth quarter earnings of 23 cents perstock $ 1.19 billion and net income.
Yahoo search advertising refers to the partnership with Microsoft Corp. to share the results of the company as the cause of the decline in net sales.
Yahoo shares fell more than 2% to $ 15.64 in trading after the market close after the earnings announcement.

Signs of ruination Yahoo

1. Due to Google's Dominance
Manilik record numbers of financial statements in the annunciator Yahoo Google waving good result on the internet through its search engine and more incredibly successful Android effectively making it into a killing machine for its competitors like Yahoo is.

2. Nearly 20% of People Using Google to search for information
In addition, most of the Smart Phone that uses the Android OS.
Such as Samsung, Motorola, ZTE LG, Sony Ericsson and others.
In the past some people look for information on the world's receipts but once it appears Google Yahoo crowds who left Yahoo, Yahoo has shut down biarppun My Blog Log service in late May but some observers said Yahoo was still alive though in pain conditions.

3. Yahoo's Lack of Innovation Spectacular in the last 3 years.
In contrast to Google's ever active and successful with innovation.

Much, Much Ammunition Yahoo
Although considered lost to Google and Facebook, but Yahoo has not completely lost.
He still had plenty of ammunition that kept him alive. reported the online giant is still the number one web site, most often in visiting in East Asia such as Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan also Cameroon.
Both Yahoo still has a lot of email services, maps, online music, social bookmarking [delicious], Pandora, search and news.
Before it actually collapsed Yahoo still has a chance to rise.
As marketing expert advice and the financial world, Yahoo should imitate the footsteps of American Online (AOL).
AOL is able to survive due to buy some well-known websites or blogs, well who's famous blog ready in buying Yahoo, then make your blog famous yes, will be auctioned off to Yahoo.

Lastly Yahoo still have the best product 7 immediately following the review:

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail is an email service that is in use almost 80% of Internet users around the world because of its simplicity.

Yahoo News
Yahoo is the world's largest news site directory.
On this website we can get info world news (National and International) Politics, Sports, Economy and Entetainment.

Flickr is an image hosting service in addition to the world's largest Shark Image and Photo bucket.
Unlike the others, Flickr has a view that is uncomplicated and easy.

Pandora is a streaming music service / largest online music.
This is a website that has transformed human life in listening to music is also called fathers of streaming music.

Yahoo Answers
Is a combination search engine with the forum.
Yahoo, we make it easy to find information solutions on the internet, never played it toYahoo vote, the AK was an exciting palig tu.

Yahoo Bookmarks
YahooBookmark consists Yahoo Bookmarks, Delicious and Yahoo Buzz.
All three of these services is a social bookmarking web site contains news / information updates.

Yahoo OMG (oh my god)
Yahoo OMG is a news directory contains news about the celebrity gossip international artists and international news and entertainment movies and music.

can all have ups and downs and down up like a pager rank us, the best solution is continuously updates and innovate, and fond of giving alms.