Blackberry / RIM is In Danger of Collapse?

Many conditions that cause RIM's arguably in a state of dying.
So there are three companies that are dying NOKIA, YAHOO, Blackberry / RIM
this is the seventh sign of the bankruptcy or the RIM BlackBerry familiar with it:

1. the lack of new innovations

there are only two series of new BlackBerry that will be issued in the near future, the bold series Touch 9900 and 9930.
Indeed there are some feature enhancements such as the BlackBerry OS 7.0, touch screen and 1.2 GHz processor.
Improved features in was regarded not as an innovation because it does not create a new thing, but to maximize the things that already exist.

2. Boring designs.

Since the emergence of modern BlackBerry series in 2006, its design does not differ greatly from those present if there are other designs such as the touch screen [series Strom], candy bar [Pearl series] and clamshell [series Style] can not be compared with competitors growing Smartphone design simple and looks elegant.

3. Limited number of applications.

BlackBerry App World, introduced in 2009 but until now the application is available only as many as 26,000.
Compared with competitors who already has 200,000 Android and Apple's applications as much as 350,000 applications continue to grow every day.
Limitations of the application also caused less despise the developers to create applications because they feel a lot of convoluted rules that an application be approved and entered into the BlackBerry App World.

4. Applications Expensive.

It's a bit much to pay, that's too expensive picture of the applications available on BlackBerry App World.
Imagine the game Angry Farm for BlackBerry is available at a price of $ 4.99 compared with Angry Birds [ad-free] for IOS and Android with prices $ 0.99 only.

5. Dualism of leadership.

RIM led the two men co CEO Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.
Leadership 2 people in a large company become the important thing obviously related to the decisions related to the company's future.
Even sites create comic strips that tell about the humor the two CEOs who are taking the decision to release a BlackBerry again.

6. Weakness on the BlackBerry Playbook.

RIM enliven the tablet market with the release Playbook to compete with the iPad and tablets Android.
But the problem is there are major drawbacks like not support email features and advantages of fuel is a BlackBerry.
If this feature is not famous there, how to compete with Android and iPad tablet far away is experienced and in search of many people.
Besides the launch of the latest series Playbook 4G also experienced delays.
This caused the number of operators [overseas] are reluctant to work together to market the Playbook 4G.
RIM preach the delay will last until August.

7. Profits fall of the Company.

In June 2011 RIM announces first quarter 2011 profit forecast.
They explain income fell for the first time in nine years, and they plan to reduce the number of employees.
Although the initial launch BlackBerry Playbook capable sold as many as 500,000 pieces, but the proceeds have not been able to raise the company's overall revenue.
Time is running if the value of RIM's stock continues to drop to single digits [under $ 10] said the bankruptcy would ringing in the minds of Mike Lazaridis in recent years [or month] back.
Purchases by investors [the company] could be a solution if you do not want a BlackBerry [in this RIM] is lost in the bare earth.

So there are three companies that are dying NOKIA, YAHOO, Blackberry / RIM
And again on the rise who? ANDROID course, with its Android mobile phone