Beaches in the World of Colorful sand

Almost everyone would be swayed when enjoying the symphony of sighs a breeze and the roar of the waves that frame the expanse of white sand and smooth. Sand and beautiful sheen exposed to the sun's rays in the morning, afternoon, evening, even when the full moon to say hello.

Try if it is done when both of us.... certainly a very romantic view of Blue Ocean off without borders, pamper our eyes after all this time staring at the bustle of the life of the world. Beautiful is not it?

But did you know? This was probably limited to our knowledge, in various parts of the earth. Apparently there is a difference on a beach, on sand beaches with colors and textures are a little different but instead it brings freshness and magic of your vacation.
But where would the colors of sweet that bind the sand come from? Of course instead of food coloring, but from solid minerals and other earth materials are destroyed thanks to the linkage between the onslaughts of the waves with the earth's surface until into small granules. And the sheen of coolness Hawaii to California, these four beach with sand the color of the most remarkable. We have not been there most often Kuta Bali is no less beautiful, but what if we consider together.

Green sand beach in Papakolea, Hawaii

Papakolea coast that is rich in the mineral olivine (one of the main elements produced by deposits of volcanic lava in Hawaii) has an indentation that was almost like a sand-colored cone-cylinder with a surreal dark green, lies like a meadow. This beach can be found in the southern Big Island, protected by a fairly high hill.

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur area, California, the sandy mauve.

At night, when moonlight bouncing off slowly, then the manganese particles that colored the sand until you see the purple will look radiant, and its reflections on the water surface looks like the aurora. Stretches from the southern coast stretches to the north, the color of the sand will gradually appear more and more concentrated. In daylight, the color still looks stunning.

Pink sand beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Sand in the area of Harbour Island is made from natural formula that consists of little pieces of coral, shells, and calcium carbonate from marine invertebrates are very small, as well as the secret ingredient in the form of additional content Foraminifera, a microscopic amoeba that has a body shell red or bright pink. With patience which only the nature, processes millions of years produces a grain of sand beach was beautiful, flushed pink.

Glass sandy beach at Fort Bragg, California

Locations that had once been a garbage dump has now been transformed into one of the manmade beach of the most stunning in the world. The process of tidal beach that has been running for several decades has been smooth shards of glass up to become a comfortable jagged crystal grains in the foot. Expanse of glass pebbles which in league with a grain of sand Fort Bragg is one of the tourist destinations you must visit among all the brilliant dazzle of California Cities.