Google Programmer Salaries

Google has long been known as the best place for a career. Them in California. It has put them above 99.99% of all companies in the world. 

Do you know how much salary generated by Google employees? 

Here is an interesting statistic. 
Google Programmer in Phoenix - $ 174,000 / year 
Google Programmer in California - $ 197,000 / year 
Google Programmer in Chicago - $ 222,000 / year 
Google Programmer in New York - $ 242,000 / year 

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it's just his salary ... 
What other advantages offered by Google to its employees? 

Google will pay $ 8,000 / year if you continue education. They're just expecting a "B". 
If you have to refer an employee to Google's staff and they last for 60 days, Google will pay $ 2,000 to you. 
If you want to adopt a child, Google will give $ 5,000 for legal affairs and the cost of adoption. 
Depending on how long you work at Google, you will get a bonus of up to 25 days holiday a year. 

One more interesting thing from the financial aspect of Google employees, according to the New York Times, approximately there are 1,000 Google employees who own shares with a value 
$ 5 million dollars. 
Still according to the New York Times, every employee who was with Google for a year only has a value of more than $ 250,000. 
The company said that programmers Google's competitors have enjoyed a 50% salary increase in recent years, it seemed 
this is not surprising for a company Google's classmates.