Apparently Google Brain Blunt. Why?

The results of recent studies have revealed a surprising fact. The more often a person using Google, the more 'blunt' brain person. Why?

The study results are published in research journal Science stated, Google is making people more stupid. This conclusion is based on the results of the study 'Google’s Effects on Memory: Cognitive consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips’ Betsy Sparrow carried from the Columbian University that examines when and how transitive memory access.

As is known, a few popular sites are the diggers of data (a search engine like Google or Yahoo) or data storage (such as Wikipedia or IMBD). At these sites, the amount of data generated each year increased exponentially.

That is, no one else can know everything about something like an ancient era. Able to export knowledge and remember it whenever, you are able to release more brain power to do important things, including thinking and creativity, which requires more than just the storage capacity.

Furthermore, too often use sites like Google will make the untrained brain and make the ability to slow down.