Google's Android Not Owned?

Android was originally or formerly owned by Google is not really.
Google's acquisition of Android.

The range of 2005, Google bought Android, Inc., a small company that just had to grow based in Palo Alto, California.
Some people go there once worked at Google, such as Rich Miner, co-founder Wilfire Communications, then there is Andy Rubin, founder of Danger [enterprise software services], Chris White, an engineer on the Web TV and Nick Sears, a former VP at T-Mobile.
Rubin and his colleagues began developing the Linux-based operating system for mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Their main target is to handset developers and operators.
According to Google the information, move the acquisition is a brilliant idea.
Throughout the history of Google, it is the right step and the most profitable companies.
Indirectly Android Andy Rubin as co-inventor and becoming part of the history of Google's products, as well as have responsibility for the continuity of the open source operating system.
Together with his team, Rubin was able to demonstrate that they can make Android be the center of attention at the time.

Andy Rubin

At first David Lawee who served as vice president of corporate development, was hesitant with his decision.
Because for two years after the acquisition, Rubin has not produced a commensurate payoff for Google.
Finally, Lawee have raised two thumbs up for Rubin with the advent of smart phones that rely on Android operating system as the basis in the not long after.
As we think they are also successful with the business.

Moreover, Android is a system that is easy to operate, is quite flexible and upgradeable.
Time passed, and the right moment for the world to witness the entry of Google's mobile phone to the market, as it will appear soon followed by rumors of new handsets branded Google.
Android handset that we encounter today.

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