Exotic Night Light Fireflies

Firefly beetle is included in the family of the order Coleoptera. There are over 2000 species of fireflies are dispersed in the tropics worldwide. They can be found in damp places, such as swamps and areas filled with trees.
In humid areas that fireflies find many sources of food for the larvae.

We know that the fireflies come out at night, but there are also fireflies are active in the daytime. Those who come out during the day is not generally give off light. Only a few fireflies are able to give off light when in the dark.

But why yes, fireflies give off light? How do they hold the heat generated by light?That unique firefly! The light they produce light without heat are called luminescence.

Luminescence in the firefly's body produced by a substance called luciferin. Well, this substance luciferin combines with oxygen to give off light.

You know, even though scientists have been able to make the same type of light produced by fireflies, scientists still have to take some elements from the body of the firefly, because the chemists have not been able to make such substances. It is still a mystery of nature until now.

Baby fireflies

In the adult fireflies, in addition to warning signs of danger, light on his serve to draw attention to their partner. Not only adult fireflies, baby firefly larvae which still form also give off light. Light on the larvae are useful to warn other animals that would prey on them not to close.

After mating, the female firefly will lay its eggs under the soil surface. The eggs will hatch into larvae after 3-4 weeks and will continue to be fed until the summer ends.After approximately 1-2 weeks from the end of the summer, the larvae will turn into pupa and then turns into an adult firefly.

Being Lantern

As in some other animals, fireflies also has significance in some of the legends and culture. In Mayan mythology, fireflies are often associated with the star. The fireflies are also considered to represent the messengers of god Mayan temples.

Ancient Chinese people often put fireflies in a transparent box for later use as a lantern. While the Japanese culture and folklore, fireflies have the same meaning as great as the famous Sakura flower.

Well, if you see a firefly in flight, fireflies are certainly male sex. Why so? Yes, because only male fireflies that have wings, while the female clung to the leaves and soil.