3 Weeks Waiting Google Adsense PIN

Yesterday (13/07/2011) western Indonesian time last thing that I've been waiting for nearly a month finally arrived. Yesterday when I'm cool looking for articles to blog Riz666 and while blogwalking to blog friends guest book my occupants suddenly someone knocked on the door and after I saw was the mailman and postal worker turns out I was going, probably from had called me not come out (because no hear of the room hehehe).

And after I get out the pack was heading straight back up to my door and said "this was his brother Rino Christianto?" Yes, I automatically answer "yes my own ..." with the tone a bit surprised and wondered "what? Feeling some of today there is no ordering of goods from outside the city or the wild country "so some time after it is surprising that the postman took out an envelope bearing the logo" GOOGLE "and behind the words" Google AdSense Support 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA , here there is rarely transfers from abroad, usually only entrepreneurs who are transfers from abroad, congratulations shipment toJ postman and even then said" you got a shipment from the United JUSA 94 043 "and my address and after that survivors "he said. Hehehe I was just smiling because it was very happy after 3 weeks of waiting and was not in vain.

because insufficient balance hehehe ...As a result Google AdSense account for "tax information" has been completed but I have to wait for the results can be in drag
Hopefully with this I could be more enthusiasm in the world of blogging and online business. And do not forget me say thanks to the Google AdSense PIN who had sent me the goods had reached goal

So my story about my happiness

Where's your story?

Regards Rino Christianto