Characteristics of The Speaker Is Lying


.Notice the eyes when talking to you

Some people have the ability to deceive others with ease. However, when someone is lying, usually can be seen from the physical. One way is to observe the other person's eyes. Why is that?

When answering questions, and eyeball the person is moving towards the left of the possibility of an honest answer. Meanwhile, when moving in the right direction likely the person is saying something that is a lie or lying. This is because the left brain serves as an Auditory Memory, while the right brain for creativity. So when the eyeball to the left, meaning he was trying to remember while on the contrary, if the eyeball to the right meant that he was writing or describing something as the other answers. This is because the creativity is working to fabricate a false story.

. Note also the physical characteristics when speaking

* Agency sweating.
* Starts breathing heavily.
* Tone was different as rising or monotonous.
* Body and face look stiff, especially the forehead and lips.
* Hands a lot of moves such as holding something, rubbing their hands together, rubbing the nose, or mouth.
* The liar unwittingly is putting items like cups, paper, pens, or other object as a barrier.
* Try to change the subject, if the expression is relieved, then he is lying. But if he returns to the original topic, it means he was telling the truth.

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