Some ThingsThat Cause Difficulty Sleeping (Insomnia)

Sleep is one of our primary needs in order to remain able to maintain health and to perform daily activities well. During sleep the body rested for several hours, lowered metabolism so that cells of the body is broken can be repaired and the cells that die can be replaced.

Sleep for some people is an expensive and hard to come by, because some of us have what is called sleep disorders, which may be started sleeping disorders, difficulty maintaining sleep, not sleeping soundly or even can not sleep at all. And surely this situation will cause interference with the body and will ultimately reduce the quality of life and can cause disease.

If you have ever experienced sleep disturbances determines the need presumably anything that can disturb your sleep quality, in order to avoid it. Some things are things that can cause insomnia are:


Many people use television to be able to start sleeping. You might even have a television in your bedroom. But instead of relaxing television will actually stimulate the mind as presented on television late at night is usually filled with material violence, let alone debate lately a lot of scandals in our country. Such events would cause our brains to work more actively and eventually cause trouble tudur. Besides, because the show presented, light flickering from the television and also the creation of noise which would interfere with the biological clock is sensitive to light, which in turn causes insomnia.

2. Too much eating.

Too much food, especially fatty foods. Too much food at dinner cause digestive organs have to work extra hard to digest fat mainly because the stomach takes longer to digest these foods. This situation can cause stomach problems and heartburn at the time of going to sleep.

3. Too much to drink.

Drink plenty of fluids can cause you to wake up all night to the bathroom, and sometimes after you wake up is hard to start sleeping again.

4. Drinking Alcohol.

Many people think that drinking alcohol before bed will help them sleep. While it may make you fall asleep faster, alcohol will reduce the quality of your sleep, because you must often wake up at night to a small back to the room. This is because the alcohol will increase urine production in the body.

5. Caffeine.

Drinking coffee (caffeine) at a time when the afternoon or after dinner will cause sleep disturbance because caffeine stimulates nerve cells in the brain and the brain becomes more active, and you'll be hard to start sleeping. Besides, the same as alcohol caffeine also increases the production of urine which will cause you to wake up to the restroom.

6. Smoking.

Smoking causes sleep problems in different ways. One of them because nicotine is a stimulant of the brain, in addition to the brain that have been accustomed / addicted to the nicotine effect would have the effect of withdrawal (off drug) at night while you sleep that will lead to sleep disorders.

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