10 Kinds of Weird Merchandise on Sale on ebay

1. Ian Usher sells itself fully and completely sold his entire life. Houses, jetski, car, job, himself, and even     introduced his friend in Perth (Australia) just because she was bored with his life. Strangely bidding and eventually came around Ian's life was sold for 200,000 pounds.

2. Dante Knoxx, a musician sells his soul but Dante Knoxx intention was never accomplished because eBay pulled the ad Dante before there are those who will buy .

 3. A pair of Michael Jackson's pants in the form of shorts (boxer) auctioned by eBay. Weird you think but in fact demand a lot and shorts, it eventually sold for 1 million dollars! These shorts are considered historic because it is used as evidence when Michael Jackson was accused of sexually abusing a child in 2003.
4. Starting from the fun, the couple sold her baby through an auction on eBay for 1 Euro. Their fraudulent action turns long tails because they completely lose custody of their baby. In addition, they also interrogated on suspicion of selling children very ensitif and severe punishment. Fortunately, in the end, both parents of the baby can get back the right to care for their children.
 5. A corn chips shaped like the state of Illinois discovered accidentally by two brothers from Virginia. Both men are fun to enter it into the auction site eBay and sold for more than 1000 dollars.
 6. Small town in Albert, Texas, and at the same position as mayor of Albert sold through eBay. You can be the ruler of this small town. The city is famous for its tree-tall oak trees, wildflowers, German heritage and also because of the relaxed attitude of the population. In addition, the city is known as a beer garden.
7. This high-tech toilets were originally purchased by the city of seattle with the price of 5 million dollars but it turns out this toilet frequently used by drug addicts. Finally, sophisticated toilets were sold at 12.549 dollars on eBay.
8. Every person becomes valuable when elections were held, because it was one student in Minnesota to sell its votes at the time of U.S. presidential election 2008. Too bad the student's efforts led to lawsuits because of the ban on the sale of voting rights.
9. Pants in a usually filthy and dirty does not loosen the interest of people to sell them. A wife who is separated from her husband hurt by her husband's infidelity. The wife is then advertise the underwear her husband's big super-sized and also smaller size condom wrapper she found in their beds.
10. Parents today must be careful to his children. A 10-year-old kid trying to sell the 61-year-old grandmother on eBay. My grandmother who is considered a bitch by her grandson was finally not be sold because of hastily canceled by eBay because of new rules on eBay are prohibited from selling and buying human. I wish it was not canceled by eBay, it is possible there are people who are interested to buy it, who knows?
source: Kaskus.us