10 World's Largest Internet Community

There are millions of internet communities that are spread in cyberspace, but in this article I will set up 10 of the world's largest internet community, which until now has become a community icon in the form of forums.

10. BuddyPic
Statistics: 72,366,965 posts

The place to share and discuss the photographs. Visit their site: buddypic.com

9. Something awful
Statistics: 107,463,888 posts

This is a forum of the world's largest comedy, visit his website: somethingawful.com

8. Vault Network
Statistics: 123,864,808 posts

Vault N is a community forum for the lovers of the game offline or online. Visit their site: rpgvault.ign.com

7. Offtopic

Statistics: 133,287,296 post.

This is a forum to discuss anything freely, but most of its members are connoisseurs of automotive wheels 4.

6. FaceTheJury

Statistics: 163,584,547 posts

Visit their site: facethejury.com

5. IGN
Statistics: 200,298,710 posts
IGN is the largest entertainment communities in the world, so do not be surprised if you visit the forum you will find most of threadnya discuss about movies, comics and video games. Visit their site: ign.com

4. d2jsp

For lovers of games, you have visited this forum in d2jsp.com

3. Kaskus
Statistics: 337,313,155 posts

This is the only forum in Indonesian language belonging to 10 communities in the world's largest internet. Visit their site: kaskus.us

2. 4chan
Statistics: 569,080,806 posts
Visit their site: 4chan.org

1. Gaia Online
Statistics: 1,829,859,563 posts

This is the world's largest forum ever, the number of members that are stored in the database reaches 23 million accounts. Visit their site: gaiaonline.com

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