8 Animals That Can Predict The Weather

1. Frog

Amphibious loud it will issue a husky voice with a tone that is longer and more loudly than usual when bad weather looming on the horizon.
So, as soon as you hear the increase in their volume, you can assume the rain with strong winds capacity or even the storm was happening.

2. Bird

By looking at how high they fly, we can gauge how bad the weather is going to happen. It is said that if they fly high, it's sunny. But if they fly closer to the ground, the air pressure from a storm system that will or is happening cause they choose to fly lower.

3. Cow

In fact, farmers claim their animal can predict the weather. According to legend, when the cow was going to be bad weather, cattle - cows will show restlessness, swat flies with their tails with intensity very often, or lying in a meadow to make the soil more dry.

4. Bees and Butterflies

When the bees and butterflies have disappeared from the flowers, you can predict the bad weather comes your way. folklore persists that if they are not in the usual places they perch, there is something that will happen with the weather.

5. Sheep

"When the sheep gathered in a crowd, tomorrow there will be a pool of water by the rain." Although the poem is funny, along with the coming weather. believed would happen to bad weather as high winds and even hurricanes if these animals are crammed together and become mutually shield each other.

6. Ladybug

One of the funny insects around us can also give us clues for predicting the weather: "When a swarm of insects ladybugs or seen, we can expect the weather will be warmer." On the other hand, if you see a black and red insects seek shelter, cold weather on its way.

7. Ant

In preparation for inclement weather, red and black ants have been known to build their mound higher and sturdy for extra protection and even mound to close the hole '. So if you see a mound in your yard higher than usual, may be better to close the window.

8. Chipmunk

In America, the most popular legends of animals that can predict the weather Groundhog, and most notably of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Phil, Pennsylvania. When Phil saw his shadow, it means there will be six more weeks of winter, but if not, we can hope for an early spring.

Source : kaskus.us